URN Status – Check Aadhar Update Request Status

How to check URN status online – update request number. Without update request number you can’t track the status of the correction changes application form. Here we cover the in-depth information on how to check the update request number online uidai portal.

Just before that, we would like to share the basic information about the URN number.

  • What is URN  Number?

URN Represents as Update Request Number.

  • Where To Find URN Number?

Update Request Number is allocated when you make any aadhar card correction online either offline. Once you done with the necessary changes, then the UIDAI system will automatically be generated a new URN number such that you can track update request status ( URN Status ).

With the help of the Update Request Number, you can track the urn status online. Without URN number you can’t able to track the status of the application form, and you will have no idea whether your updates are actually processed or not.

In order to overcome this problem, the UIDAI launched an Update Request Number where users can able to track the update application form details online. Below we cover the step by step information on how to check the URN status online.

Check URN Status Online – Update Request Number

Here is the official link for you:

Please do visit the official link above: Once you were checked into that link, the portal will then ask you to enter the details as shown here.

urn status

  • Your aadhar Card Number
  • Your URN Number
  • Enter the captcha

After those details were filled up, now just click on get status.

Then the status will be displayed on the screen.So, that you will get an idea whether your details are get updated by UIDAI official website or not.

If the details were not displayed on the screen. Then there may be a chance that Unique Identification Authority Of India may not be received your uid update details.

If you do have any problems related to the information that we shared about URN status, then do leave a comment here at the end of the post. Our team will do help you out related to any query asap.

Three Different Ways To Update Your Aadhar Card

UIDAI released an official notice, that whoever has an aadhar card can update or correction changes to their aadhar card in three different ways.

Via UIDAI Portal:

With the help of the unique identification authority of india portal, you can make whatever changes to your aadhar card online. But, your mobile number must be registered with the aadhar card.

In case, if your mobile number is not registered with the UID. You can’t able to make changes further by you can track the Update Request Number URN status.

For this – you need to visit the official website link here.

Then after, all you suppose to do is to enter your aadhar card number, mobile number. Then after the system will automatically be verified your mobile number with the help of the one-time password.

Through aadhar self-service update portal, you can now make whatever changes that are required for it. As per the Unique Identification Authority Of India, you can make following correction changes on your aadhar card online.

  • Name
  • Date Of Birth
  • Address
  • Gender
  • Email Id
  • Mobile Number

Once, you have done the modifications. You will receive the urn number to track the urn status. If you lost the urn number, there is no another option exist to track the status of the application online.

Via Post:

Yet. Another method for the modifications of aadhar card is to send the post to the UIDAI office. Note: In order to avail this feature, your mobile number must be registered with the UIDAI.

In case if the phone number is not registered, you can’t able to send the post. Even though you send the post, your application will be then rejected.

Here is the address on where you supposed to send the post:


Note: If you send it by post, you can’t able to track the URN status. The only option that you have is to contact the aadhar card office nearby your location.

Please do visit the nearest office center. And, ask them to track the update request number online, URN status. The help desk support team will then track the urn status of your application at their end and will let you know the information.

Update Your Mobile Number

In case if you lost your mobile number that is synced with your aadhar card. Then no need to worry much about that as UIDAI opened a new platform where users can able to update their mobile number via online itself.

Not only a mobile number, you can even update Email Id online.

Here is the official link:

After you have visited the official link, all you suppose to do is to enter the details of your old phone number followed by email Id.

After all that, your account will be opened, where you can now enter the new mob number and E-mail Id.

For this, there is no need to get the URN number and no need to track the URN status through an online portal. Your details will get automatically updated by the portal itself.

How To Find UID & EID Number Online

If you lost your UID number, then no need to worry much about that, because you can retrieve your details via Unique Identification Authority Of Website.

All you supposed to do is to enter check the link here:

Consider there were two cases in this:

  • You can retrieve your EID number – Enroll Identity Number
  • You can retrieve UID Number – Aadhar Number
  • But make sure your mobile number must be registered with the aadhar card.

Enter the details as follows:

  • Name
  • Email Id
  • Mobile Number
  • Security Code

And, now click on send one-time password. Your account will be subjected to be verified by the UIDAI. And, your UID and EID number will be then displayed on the screen.

Most Frequent Asked Questions About URN Status

Here we listed the most frequently asked questions about the URN status:

Q: How can I track the URN status online? In case if I lost the Update Request Number?

A: The only option that does you have is to contact the enrollment office. And, ask them to track the status of your application.

Q: How much time does it take place to make update changes?

A: It completely depends on what type of updates that you have been made. For example, if you make Name correction, it will take less than 2 weeks. For Address change, maybe it will take more than 4 weeks ( As it is subjected to verification, so it may be delay )

Q: My Mobile number is not registered with the Aadhar card? So I can’t track the URN status?

A: Of course. You can’t. And, also you can’t even make uid update through an online portal.

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