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UID status – check your UIDAI status application details online with the help of the Unique Identification Authority Of India. You can follow up our UIDAI check guide also. For more information just do contact us here about UID status.

As we all know that UID represents as Unique Identification Authority Of India. Below, we also do cover the most frequently asked questions about the UIDAI status online / uid status.

This program was first launched in 2010, considering this as a National population register number first. After all that, the Government and High Command have decided to go with as a UID, thereby UID aka aadhaar card has been started.

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So far, more than 1.2 Billion people have registered the UID number. The government launched new different schemes in the name of digital India.

where a normal person can you also carried out the aadhaar card UID enrollment program in your village under the act as VLE program.

This as further implemented as Village level of entrepreneurs, where nearly 50,000 mandalas and villages are covered under this scheme.

Okay, what’s over here is the tutorial for you on how to check the UID status online in India, you can even comment below for more information and doubts related to UIDAI status online.

UIDAI Status Online – Tutorial

The government UID status launched a new web portal where users can bale to search their application UID status with the help of the EID number and also, date of the applicant registration online.

Before you need to track the status of your UID application you need to have an EID number which represents as Enroll Identity number.

What is EID number?

  • EID number represents as an Enroll ID number. The enroll number will be allocated to those people who have registered the new UID card.

What are Date and Time?

The date and time referred to as a time of enrolling the new UID card on a particular date. In order to track the UIDAI status of the application, both will play an important role in this category.

How can I Find the EID number?

The both EID, date and time are located on an acknowledgment slip.

The acknowledgment slip is proof of an identity that you have been applied for a new aadhaar card via nearest enrollment office.

We have collected a sample Image from the official website, as a part of the knowledge base for you.

If you clearly look into that Image you will get to know where to find those two numbers. Hope you will get it.

Track The Status If You Have EID Number

If you have that EID number, date and time of registration then follow below steps.

Just before that, you need to visit the official website first: The official uid status link here as follows.

Now, the next step is to enter the details as shown on the screen as follows:

check uidai status

  • EID Number
  • Date and Time
  • Security Code

Then click on get UIDAI status. Once, you click on get status the server will display the status of your application.

  • You will come to know when your UID card is going to get delivered to your address. As per our estimation, it will won’t take more than 1-3 weeks after enrolling of a new UID card either through online or offline.

The UID status website also launched a quick guide for the people who are lost their EID number. If you do lose that number then no need to worry.

The automatic system will eventually extract the EID number from the official UIDAI status website online.

What to do If you Lost EID number?

Here is the guide for you:

That’s quite common that most of the people lost their EID Numbers thinking that nothing to do with the acknowledgment slip.

After some time, they do realize how valuable of having the acknowledgment slip.

Realizing this they start contacting the enrollment office to track the UID status of an application without EID number.

Instead of contacting the enrollment office, you can retrieve the EID number through UIDAI portal which we shared below.

While retrieving the information if your encounter any problems just leave a comment here at the end of the post. We do try to figure it out.

However, you have to visit the official link first to retrieve the EID number in order to track the UIDAI status online: Here is the official link for you.

The next step is to enter the details which have been displayed on the screen:

The details that you are going to enter should match with the details while you were enrolled for the aadhaar card online.

  • Mobile Number
  • Email Id
  • Full Name – As filled in our application.

Now, the next step is to click on ” Send one-time password ” The one time password is mandatory, for the process of verification.

Make sure to tick the Enrollment option from the right sidebar instead of UID number.

  • That’s it. Within a fraction of seconds, your details will be displayed on the screen along with the Enroll number and acknowledgment slip.

Now, you can print the acknowledgment slip for future reference, and with the help of those 24 digit unique number, you can now track the status of the application.

That’s how you gonna retrive the UIDAI number. Hope the above guide will help you out.

In case sceniaro: What to do if your mobile is not registered?

If your mobile is not registered with uid, then what you suppose to do? How do you retrieve the number? To be frank there is no other option that does really exist through online. The only step that you have to follow is:

  1. Just contact the Enrollment office which is near by your location
  2. Submit the new application stating that you need to add the mobile number and Email Id
  3. Submit the application form. Collect the acknowledgment slip which contains URN number
  4. The URN number represents as Update request number, which can be used to track the UIDAI status online.

Find Enrollment office?

Most of the people who are living in metropolitan cities have no idea how to find the exact location of their UID status Department head office.

So, they were obviously ended up in contacting the wrong address.

To be sure not to face those kinds of problems.

The UIDAI launched a new search portal where you can access all the details of officer address within your location how easy it was right?

  • Here you go: For you convince we shared the URL here: Here is the URL:

Now visit the search portal and enter the details as shown on the screen:

You have three options to choose either through:

  • State
  • Pin code
  • Search Box

Consider if you choose the state, you need to enter the details as per follows:

  • State Name
  • District
  • Sub District
  • VTC- Village Town City

It’s all up to you to choose the permanent centers or temporary centers.

( These temporary centers are lunched in purpose to serve the better service – most of them are owned by private companies which are tied up with the E-governance.

  • Note: It’s better not to tick mark the permanent centers.

Now, the next step is to click on search. You will find the aadhaar service or office centers which are mostly located to your location as per your search.

  • Contact the office > Fill the application form > Submit the details > Track the URN number through status portal.

How To Verify Whether Your Mobile Number Is Registred Or Not?

Here is the another option for you: The UIDAI aadhaar self service update portal launched a new option for the aadhaar users to verify whether the mobile number that you have been submitted at the time of enrollment office was registered or not?

Through this link:

You can verify it. What is the process?

The process is quite simple, Just login to the website and enter the details as follows:

  • Aadhaar Number
  • Email Id
  • Mobile Number
  • Security Code

Now, click on get one-time password, if you were received the OTP, then no need to worry much about that.

It’s officially confirmed that your mobile number is registered with the UIDAI status.

  • If you won’t received the OTP then follow the below steps:
  • Wait for one minute and try again.
  • Or, submit the information during the Night Times
  • Even though, you have not received the message – The only option: Contact the Nearest Office.

Hope you understand what we shared above.

If you have any more doubts or information needed regarding the UIDAI status then just leave a comment here.

Q: While Tracking the UIDAI status, it shows that your application is still under review? What does it really mean?

That’s the most common problem faced by citizens. It means nothing, your application is reviewing by the officials and the update uid status may get updated anywhere between 1 – 2 weeks.

Q: How much time it takes for the new UIDAI card to get delivered?

Your new UID status card, after checking the uidai status may get delivered either to your address or correspondence office on your name. Consider, in nowadays it won’t take any more than 3 weeks.

If you haven’t received in that mean time contact the office make sure to track the status uidai status first. So, that you will get an idea about that.

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