SSUP – Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal

SSUP update – aadhaar self service update portal.  In 2016, the UIDAI launches a new portal for the users to make any correction or UIDAI update changes in their aadhar card via online – check aadhar correction changes online complete guide.

Just before that, it’s a hurdle task for the users to check out the enrollment office staying in the line up to hours just to make correction UID updates in their card realizing this, the UIDAI launches an SSUP status – Aadhaar self-service update portal.

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Where everyone can make correction changes through portal.

We do cover the complete guide for you. The following article and reference were completely taken out from the official website.

While you are making any changes to your aadhaar card via UIDAI update, if your encounter any problems just share your doubt here by commenting we do reply to your comment.

Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal – Steps

Aadhaar self service update portal – Released three options to make UIDAI update changes in their card via ssup update platform.

The three methods are as follows:

  • You can proceed through online
  • You can proceed by sending the post
  • You can contact the nearest enrollment center.

However the SSUP update it self-represent as self service uidai update portal. First, we would like to share the guide on online method.

If You Want To Proceed Through Online – Here Is The Guide For You

Before you need to proceed through online one thing that you need to know is, your mobile number must be registered with aadhaar card or linked up with the UIDAI aadhaar card.

  • If your mobile number is not linked up with the uidai card, then you won’t make any uidai updates via online.

If your mobile number is already registered with UIDAI aadhaar card. Then you can check out our tutorial here through the UIDAI update – Aadhaar self service update portal.

  • With the help of the ssup status – you can make whatever changes like Name, mobile number, email Id, date of birth, gender.

Here is the status link – online UIDAI update portal link here.

After you checked into that portal. The next step is to enter the required details to continue next.

Step -1

If you would like to change the name in your aadhaar card here you go step by step

1. Here you go: The online SSUP status application form will have an all empty blank fields allowed you to fill out on wherever the update is necessary.

2. If you only want to correct your Name, then enter the name over there along with the surname as per your 10th class marks memo for reference purpose.

3. It clearly stated on their official website where you are not allowed to mention as like Mr. or Ms. before filling the name field.

4. Same as applied for mother or father name update.

5. Once you were done, attach the Proof of Identity documents. 

6. Only one color scanned document is enough. If the color scanned a document is not available at the moment of time attach the xerox one. Make sure the words should appear.

7. After uploading the Proof of Identity document. You have an option to review the application before submitting online through ssup status uidai update platform. Please do review your application to avoid any mistakes.

8. That’s it – submit the application form. You’re done.

Note: As we came to know that once you submitted the application form. You will receive an UID  update request number called as URN number.

With help of the URN number, you can track the application form status just to let you know whether the UIDAI update request application has been responded by the UIDAI or not.

Proof Of Identity Documents:

If you wish to change the only Name – Then you are required to submit at least one document which we do mention below.

  • Passport
  • Voter Id Card
  • Ration Card
  • Voter Identity Card
  • Driving License
  • Kissan photo passbook

The above one is the list of main documents, on which you need to submit at least one document for the reference purpose.

Here is the complete list of documents required for aadhaar card. Do check it out

That’s the complete procedure to change Name through status, aadhaar card self service UIDAI update portal.

Step -2

If you would like to change Date of Birth here you go

1. Same as like above one, you need to fill right birth date in that online application form. The date of birth should meet the following format:

  • DDMMYYY – Please enter in this format only.

2. You are not allowed to mention the previous date of birth. The system will automatically recognize the old one and update the new one after the process of valid document verification.

3. You are allowed to correct the date of birth only once.

4. Below we do write the list of the date of birth documents which are mandatory do check it out.

5. Fill only the DOB column and submit the application form online through SSUP Update Portal.

6. That’s it. Your application has been successfully submitted and all you have to do now is to write down the URN number.

7. URN number referred as Update request number – with that number you can track the status of your application form through aadhaar self service update portal.

Date Of Birth – List Of Documents

Here is the list of the date of birth documents:

  • Birth certificate – This would be the most prominent one, but not mandatory.
  • Passport
  • Pan card
  • SSC marks memo
  • Govt Photo Id Issued by PSU with DOB in it.

That’s the list of documents which are mandatory to update via aadhaar self service update portal. Try to go with the birth certificate first for the faster approval.

If you don’t have the birth certificate then no need to worry you can attach any other one which mentioned there.

Always prefer to go for color scanned a document: If the color scanned document is not available at the moment of uploading or submission. Prefer xerox copy make sure all the letters were must be visible.

Hope you will understand for the date of the birth part.

Step- 3

If you would like to change the aadhaar card address change

1. Same as like above you need to enter the new address in that address blank field.

2. No need to mention the old address over there.

3. Just fill out the application form without any mistake.

4. Attach the necessary documents. which we shared below.

5. Almost try to prefer the color scanned document for the faster approval process.

6. That’s the complete procedure for address change.

Here are the complete documents that are required for address change:

Proof Of Address: POA

  • Passport
  • Ration Card
  • Driving License
  • Electricity Bill Not Older than 3 months
  • Voter Id Card
  • Bank Statement / PassBook

Are the list of the documents. You can submit either any one of the documents through online which we shared above.

Change in Mobile Number / Gender / Email Id

For the process of the status UIDAI update request via aadhar self service update portal, you have to submit the proof of document for the validation.

So for, Name/ Address/DOB, there should be a no verification process will be initiated. Upon confirmation, your details will get updated through portal online.

  • But, for the change in profile details like Gender/Email Id/Mobile Number you need not submit any proof.

Just log in to your profile and update those details through UIDAI update online request form.

For more information about ssup aadhaar self service update portal. Just leave a comment here.

Offline – Send Through Post

If you would like to send your application through post. You need to follow the below steps. Consider this an alternative option to do so.

As UIDAI opens a new ssup update request application procedure by sending the post.

If you are afraid of filling the online application through UIDAI portal you can follow up this guide so that you can even make updates by sending the post.

  • With the help of the offline you can make all the updates as possible
  1. Download the application form here: Below we added the downlaod button where you can download the application.

2. Now, fill the application form : Make sure don’t make any mistake while filling the appication form.

3. Always do fill in capital letters, and choose to go for both local and english language.

4. Fill only the blank space, where it is necessary to make UIDAI updates.

5. Attach the documents which has been showed in the ssup – aadhaar self service update portal.

6. Now, buy an envelop and on top of that envelop write as ” Aadhaar card correction changes “.

7. Send the application form along with the documents attached to the folloing address:


  1. UIDAI
  2. Post Box Number 10
  3. Chhindwara,
  4. Madhya Pradesh – 480001,
  5. India

8. Once your application has been reviewed by the UIDAI or adhaar self service update portal. You will recive a message.

9. However, you can’t able to track the status of application through online. But, you will do recive the updates to your mobile number.

10. The delivery time of new aadhaar card may vary depend on what modifications have you been done.

Note : At the end note down the urn number to track the application status online.

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