Police Arrests UIDAI Operator Attempting to Enroll Osama Bin Laden in Aadhaar

The latest UIDAI update is that an operator was arrested yesterday for trying to register an Aadhaar card in the name of Al-Qaeda terrorist Osama Bin Laden. The 35-year-old tried to outsmart the UIDAI system in Mandal, Bhilwara but the UIDAI noticed the strange request and reported the mistake to the relevant authorities on Friday, 12th May.

The UIDAI update is a biometric-based system which generates a 12-digit identification number for each resident of India based on their bio data and location. The Unique Identification Authority of India or UIDAI was established under the IT Ministry of India to take the helm of this task. All residents of India have been requested to get their UIDAI update from centers opened all over the country.

The police have arrested Saddam Mansuri, the person who operates the Aadhaar registration center in Mandal. Mansuri tried to issue card on Osama Bin Laden’s name a few days ago. He filled in the address as Abbottabad and district as Bhilwara and uploaded a blurred but recognizable picture of the terrorist. The thumb impression and identity proof information was left empty, reported the Deputy SP of Mandal Chanchal Mishra during a telephone call with TOI.

police arrests uidai operator

As soon as Mansuri uploaded the file it was sent to the verification department of the UIDAI status which found the glaring error in the data entered by the operator. They noticed there was no thumb impression neither was there an Iris record of the applicant. The address entered as the permanent address was erroneous as it said ‘Abbottabad, Mandal village, Bhilwara,’ The technical department based in New Delhi found the errors to be very suspicious and immediately informed Rajhastan’s IT department. Sanjay Aludia, a programmer at IT Department’s Mandal circle said he filed a FIR as soon as he received a call from the Jaipur office.

Filing Aludia’s complaint, the police of Mandal sent a warrant for Mansuri’s arrest under pertinent sections of the IT Act. However, the investigation has not yet been launched as the police is waiting for the IT department to share documented evidence on the case. Once they have all the information the accused will be interrogated by the police to ascertain why he wanted to get an Aadhar number issued in the name of a deceased terrorist.

Mansuri maintains his innocence and says somebody else who has access to the system probably uploaded the details. However, the data entry was made on Mansuri’s user ID and it could only have been uploaded with his supervision since he is the operator, says Aludia.

The UIDAI update attempts to create a database of all residents of India over the legal age of eighteen. It will be used for administrative and census purposes by all departments of the government. This is the biggest biometric enrollment process completed by any country in the world.

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