No Deadline – Linking Aadhar Card With Pan Card

The government of India made an announcement that it would be mandatory for the tax payers to link their aadhar cards with the PAN cards to file income tax returns. Following this announcement, most of the tax payers linked both the cards in the month of June as the June 30th was the deadline given by the government to do the needful.

The excessive traffic on the online portal to link both the cards caused it to slow down and made it non-responsive at times due to which many tax payers couldn’t link their cards till the last day of the deadline. The tax payers were in a dilemma whether their PAN cards which they couldn’t link to Aadhar card till the deadline were considered valid or not.

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The government of India as a response to the concern of those who missed the deadline has issued a one-page form which they can use to link their PAN with Aadhar card manually.

This has allowed the tax payers to breathe a sigh of relief as their PAN cards are still valid. Meanwhile, the option to link both the cards through digital means i.e. SMS, and online is still in operation.

However, they need to complete this procedure rather quickly as the deadline has been extended for a limited period of time after which the PAN cards will become invalid permanently.

The New One-Page Form

As discussed earlier, the government has issued a one-page form to manually link the aadhar card with the PAN card. On the prescribed form, the tax payer is required to enter both the Aadhar and PAN card numbers.

A signed declaration is also required by the tax payer stating that they haven’t linked the PAN card with any other card.

Moreover, they will have to undertake a declaration that they haven’t been allotted any other PAN number apart from the one mentioned in the form.

Online Registration Process

Despite the availability of the one-page form, the online and SMS options are still available for the tax payers to link both the cards. They can link the aadhar card with PAN card by following the given procedure:

  • The first step is to get registered with the Income Tax Department on this website
  • The tax payer is required to enter log-in ID, password, and date of birth.
  • After successful login, you are required to open your profile settings. You will find the option of linking your Aadhar card.
  • The next step is to verify the details i.e. name, gender, and date of birth that are appearing on the screen. Make sure that are same as the ones mentioned on your aadhar
  • Enter the number of your aadhar card on the designated place.
  • Click on “link now” button
  • Your Aadhar card will be linked to PAN card if the details of both the cards have matched.

The situation has become complicated for the tax payers who do not have an aadhar card. The government of India launched the aadhar system in 2009; however, due to security concerns, the project faced several controversies.

The matter was taken to the Supreme Court as well which granted a partial stay which will provide a relief window to the individuals who haven’t yet got the aadhar cards.

For individuals with no aadhar card, their PAN cards will be valid until any further announcement from the government

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