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A website named leaked the information of Reliance Jio smartphone users. Their names, addresses, Aadhaar ID details were leaked. The breach of information was first reported by the tech website The website was able to get access to the information of 3 of their employees.

They all were using Reliance Jio number. The website has been taken down now but has raised issued related to security. In a new report, it was mentioned that there was no leakage of data of Aadhaar number or related data.

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It was stated they are vigilant and if any leakage would come not light they will take strict action as per the law.

This brought the attention to the risks of using a smartphone; it doesn’t get the focus it deserves. Furthermore, many NGOs and activists have tried to draw attention to the risks linked to Aadhaar.

But most of the people didn’t pay attention to the matter.

What is Aadhaar Number?

The Reliance telecom company has users of 120 million in India. Each of the users is given a 12-digit Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). It is an identification number program designed by the Government, also referred as Aadhaar number. This that stores a biometric and demographic data of users at a centralized database.

Threats of Smartphone

As the world gets more technologically advanced and connected, the risk of a security is increasing.

Our lives are ruled by smart technology as they have made our lives easier. But at the same time, it poses dangerous risks. When you consider the threats linked to a smartphone, Reliance Jio data leak is rather a small event.

For instance, your Aadhaar number was leaked, it can tell that your income tax details. They can use this information to determine how much you can pay for ransom. While your private details can be exploited by anyone. They can be your business partners, clients or extortionists.

As the internet of things is a new concept that enables the connectivity of everything with your smartphone. This may be convenient for you but is also a grave threat to your privacy. In a claim by WikiLeaks, CIA uses some of the Samsung Smart TVs as listening devices. This may not be correct but it doesn’t mean it is not possible.

It was stated by a research firm that by 2017 8.4 billion connected things will be used. It is anticipated that by 2020 it can reach 20.4 billion. The connected things include necessary gadgets and medical devices. They all are vulnerable to hacking.

Furthermore, the smart tech attracts the policy makers as well. The reason is that it a fast method to improve the efficiency and results. However, the smart cities can also be at security risk even though they may offer a comfortable life.

According to a study, the data sharing of agencies results in improvement in the bureaucratic results. The breach of data can lead to a doubt in the governments’ abilities to keep data safe. The increase in government’s capabilities for surveillance gives rise to the issues about privacy and civil rights.

One of the biggest security and privacy risk is your smartphone. There are billions of users of smartphones and all their conversations are recorded. Moreover, their messages are read, the locations can be identified through GPS. This allows you to know where a person is at all times. It is a higher threat to the privacy of smartphone users.

Therefore, we have not surpassed our fondness of smart technology. But the regular information leaks points out that internet joining our lives might not be a great idea.

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