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After making it mandatory for the tax payers to link their aadhar card with the PAN card, the law panel has another new recommendation in store.

They have advised to link the marriage records with the unique identity number card (aadhar) to prevent frauds. This will allow the officials to keep a check on social evils like child marriage and reduce the gender violence.

The report that was released from the Law Commission has recommended to make the marriage registration process compulsory for people irrespective of the religion they are following.

The report further stated that linking of marriage registration with aadhar will help the government to keep a centralized record.

The recommendation from the Law Commission has earned positive reviews from the experts who believe that if this law comes in practice, it will help to fight various evils of the society including polygamy.

  • The lack of laws and the loopholes in the legislature system has given rise to several social evils; having the law of linking marriage records with aadhar card in place will help to reduce the number of crimes and frauds.

The biggest concern that has been raised against this recommendation is the registration of marriage. As per Senior Advocate Geeta Luthra, the linkage of aadhar with marriage registration depends on the choice of individuals whether they want to register their marriage or not.

She stated that not many people in India register their marriages owing to various reasons. However, she believed that this law will is a good step taken in the right direction as it will improve the situation and help to prevent false marriages and other issues like polygamy etc.

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Despite appreciating the recommendation, Luthra raised a concern with linking it with aadhar card. She has recommended it to be linked with any other proof of identity as the aadhar data is meant to be private, and linking it with marriage registration; there are chances of leaking of confidential information.

It is not compulsory in India to register the marriage which has given rise to various social evils. Women are being deprived of their social and legal rights as they are forced into marrying without knowing the legality and validity of the marriage. Having such a law in place will prevent such social evils from happening.

It will ensure that the marriage is legal and valid. Hindu Marriage Act 1955, Parsi Marriages and Divorce Act 1936, Indian Christian Marriages Act 1872, and the Special Marriage Act 1954 are in practice in India for registration of marriages.

However, no law in India recommends the registration to be made compulsory. Hence, there is no proper way of keeping accurate records of marriages in the country.

Another hindrance in the way of putting this law in practice is the security concerns related to aadhar. Due to these concerns, many people in India are yet to get their aadhar cards.

For this purpose, the Supreme Court has set up the 5-judge constitutional bench to decide whether aadhar pose a threat to privacy or not.

The verdict of this hearing will be known to all in the days to come; however, the recommendation by the Law Commission can definitely be termed as a step taken in right direction.

It can help to protect the rights of the women in India and reduce the number of fraudulent marriages.

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