How To Find UID Aadhar Card Number Online – Aadhar

Find UID number online – This is the most common problem that most of the new application users or existing users will search about it.

As we know, that UID represents as Unique Identification Number, Aadhar Card. Under the government act, this scheme was first launched in the 2010 year.

With the help of the UIDAI portal, you can retrieve your UID number and also EID number both at a time. Below we share the complete guide on this topic.

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Find Aadhar UID – Through UIDAI Portal

Same as like check uidai card status, the UIDAI government launched a self service portal, where users can find UID number with the help of that portal online.


Before you need to proceed, for confirmation your mobile number must be registered with Aadhar card.

In case if your phone number is not registered with the Aadhaar card then you can’t able to find UID number.

The only option is to contact the nearest enrolling office.

Don’t worry if your mobile number is not registered, Below we do also cover the article how to find uid and eid number if the mobile number is not registered online.

  • Just before that, you need to visit the official link here:

After you have visited the official link, the page will look alike as follows:

find uid

Then after you need to choose the option “ Aadhaar Number UID “.

Followed by entering the details as shown on the screen as follows:

  • Full Name
  • Email Id
  • Mobile
  • Security Code

Name, Email Id, Mobile Number are must match as per your UID card. If any of the details that you were entered as wrong, the UID will not be displayed as it is authenticated by OTP – also check uid status online

Once you enter those details, now just click on ” Send One Time Password “. The UIDAI portal will then send One Time Password to your registered mobile number.

At left sidebar, enter the OTP. Once the OTP is confirmed, the page will redirect to a new page where you can download aadhar card online.

Once you were downloaded the e aadhar card, it is password protected. In order to unlock the document, you need to enter the ” PINCODE ” as a password. That’s it.

With the help of the aadhaar card self service portal, you can find uid number and download e aadhar online. If you have any doubts about this topic then do leave a comment here at the of the post.

  • Same as like UID number, you can find EID number.
  • The process is almost same – Just follow our steps

Instead of choosing the UID option on the right sidebar, choose the EID option as shown on the following Image.

Enter as follows:

  • Name
  • Email Id
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Security Code

Note: 2

For UID number an e aadhar card will be displayed on the screen But for EID, an acknowledgment slip will display on the screen.

This acknowledgment slip contains both EID and UID number which will help you to track the aadhar status online. On top of the application, you will access two options one is Enroll number and other is “Date and Time”.

How To Track The UID Status Online?

If you download the acknowledgment slip – then, check on top of the application you will access two numbers.

  • Enroll Number – This enroll number consists of 14 digits unique number.
  • Date and Time – Date and time, also consists of 14 digit number.

find uid number

The combination of two digits, 28 Unique number will then required to enquiry aadhar status online. Do check out our complete guide in that link so that you will get an idea how to track your application form online.

So, that you will get a complete idea how to find the uid number and eid number.

How To Find UID Number If Mobile Number is Not Linked With Aadhaar Card

That’s okay! If your mobile number is registered with aadhaar card you can retrieve the UIDAI number.

  • But what to do if your phone number is not registered with UIDAI?

The only option is to contact the nearest enrollment office. Below we cover how to find the enrollment office nearest nearby your location online.

  • In order to search the enrollment office, you need to visit the official link here: Link here

Then after you have three options to choose from the list:

  • Pin code
  • State
  • Search Box

We suggest you go for – State wise option.

Now, enter the details as shown on the box as follows:

  • State
  • District
  • Subdistrict
  • Village or town name

Now, tick mark the permanent aadhar service centers. So, that only official/registered aadhaar card centers will display on the screen.

You can find all the details like as office phone number, timings of the office, and other details as well.

Just contact to that office, the UIDAI help desk team will ask certain information related to your aadhar details.

After confirmation of your information, they will hand over the aadhar card.

Hope you understand it.

Alternative Option To Find UID Number

If the above method doesn’t work for you. You have an another option – Get your aadhaar number on mobile.

  • If your mobile number is linked up with the aadhar card then you can instantly receive your ID to your phone number. This is how it works.

It’s quite simple all you suppose to do is to enter the details which were shown on the screen as follows:

  • Enrollment Id
  • Mobile Number
  • Captcha

Then after just click on send one-time password. After confirmation, your aadhaar card number will be sent over to your mobile number.

That’s the simplest way to find your unique identification number via message.

Add UID Number To PAN  Via SMS

The Income tax department had released a new simple way to authenticate your aadhar card number to your pan card. Here we cover the guide how to follow those steps:

It has been officially confirmed and also published in major newspapers in order to link your pan card with uidai card via SMS option.

Send SMS to 567678 or 56161 followed by UIDPAN and sent.

That’s how you suppose to do. If you want to know more information on this just leave a comment here at the end of the post.

Latest UID News:

There you go the latest news about Unique Identification Authority of India

Center Brings New Safeguards Of Aadhaar Card Data Leaks On Govt Websites

The center has now put a new safeguards to protect the aadhar card data. All ministers are being asked to protect the data. In case if anyone failed to do so, the central government can take legal action on them.

  • Aadhaar data is secured with biometric. The Electronics and information technology have been asked for an immediate review of all government websites to check if any personal data is displayed on the website.

Govt Dos and Don’ts

  • Read Aadhaar data carefully and ensure compliance on data
  • create awareness about consequences of a data breach
  • Ensure swift action on breach
  • Full number display must be controlled. All displays should be masked.
  • If storing aadhaar number in database, encryption must and keys must be protected.
  • Conduct regular audits
  • One official from each department, responsible for aadhar data.


  • Don’t store the aadhar data on unprotected devices like laptops, mobile phones.
  • Don’t store biometric information for aadhaar holders collected for authentication.

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