Fate of Section 57 in Aadhaar Act is decided by Supreme Court

The Judgement regarding the Section 57 of Aadhaar act is to be delivered on this Wednesday by the Constitution bench which was led by the Chief Justice of India, Dipak Mishra. Everybody waiting to see whether the Bench would read this Provision or not.

Section 57 – It allows not only the State Government but also any corporate body or person, in that case, any private entity can demand citizens for Aadhaar details for the purpose of the Identification of that individual. It also says that anything contained in this Aadhaar act can prevent the use of Aadhaar number to establish an identity of an individual for any purpose.

The Supreme Court has raised the question of the passing of Aadhaar act as a money bill by pointing out the Section 57. Countering the argument of the Court, Justice D.Y Chandrachaud, on the bench, preferring the Section 57 as “the farthest one can get away from the concept of the Money Bill“.

With the argument of the Justice D.Y. Chandrachaud, General attorney – K.K. Venu Gopal has reasoned that the Act’s prelude itself encapsulated its Intention as a Legislative tool to provide the good and efficient governance, benefits and services. All the investment for these type of welfare activities should be withdrawn from the Consolidated Fund of India.

The Attorney General (AG) has countered the arguments by stating, ” Money has to be come from the Consolidated Fund of India to cover all of these expenditures of the delivery of the targetted subsidies“.

Mr Venugopal also argued on the counterstatement given by AG. The petition of  Jairam Ramesh, Rajya Sabha Member, that the Aadhaar act of 2016 was passed as a Money Bill to bypass the scrutiny of the Rajya Sabha.

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