E Aadhar – Download & Update Through Online

E Aadhar card download – A definitive guide on how to download the e aadhar card online. The UIDAI Administration of India started a new website where people who have aadhar card can download from the official website.

Here we do cover the information related to this.

With our guide, you can now easily understood how to download the e aadhar card online.

Do let us know. Our team will help you related to any inquiry asap – also check about the aadhar card status enquiry online.

E Aadhar Card – Step By Step Guide

There you go, whole steps to download the e aadhar card.

Just before first of all you need to visit the official link here: Official link for e aadhar card

At First Step:

At first step you need to visit the official link:

Here is the link. If the web page that you have visited is broken or the page may not be opened. Then in that case, please do open either in internet explorer or Mozill Firefox.

Or just wait for some more time and open it again.

At Second Step:

At second step, a webpage will display as like follows:

Now, just choose either any one of the following option to get the e aadhar card online. The main options as do follows:

E Aadhar

  • Either Through Enrollment Id
  • Or
  • Aadhaar Card

If you do already have an aadhar card.

Then enter that number or if you were just enrolled and want to check whether your aadhaar is generated or not.

But, for this option we first would like to suggest you to choose the aadhar card number option for this.

At Third Step:

At third step to download e aadhar, all you have to do is enter the details which were shown on the screen as follows:

E Aadhar card

  • Enter Aadhar Number
  • Full Name – which is present on the UIDAI card.
  • Pincode
  • Enter the captcha text.

And, now click on get one time password.

Note: For this, your UID card must be registered with the mobile number.

If your mobile number is not registered, you can check out our below guide how to register and download eaadhar without a mobile number.

If your mobile number is already registered with the UIDAI card.

Then you will do receive the OTP password. Where OTP represents as One time Password, and this is mandatory one.

At Fourth Step:

At fourth step, this how the webpage will look alike whenever you do click on ” Get OTP “.

  • Then just click on confirm.


That’s it.  An OTP which then received to your registered mobile number. Enter that number on the screen.

At Fifth Step:

At fifth step, once you were enter those details, an e aadhar card on your name has been automatically generated and downloaded on your system.

download eaadhaar

But, wait?

  • Your e aadhar is protected by a password. Do you know what the password it has?

The password is your: PINCODE

  • That’s it. Now just enter the pincode, and that’s it you were done. The eaadhar will be ready for print.
  • Take out the printout either color xerox or black & White, and good to go as where ever you go, your Aadhaar follows you ” 😛

After downloading the e aadhar, if the validity shown as unknown.

Then no need to worry much about that, as we do cover the information regarding this here:

What To Do If The Validity Shown As Unknown

After downloading, the E Aadhar if the validity showed as an error, then just follow our steps below such that you will get an idea about this.

  • After downloaded the E Aadhar, then just right click on ” Validity Unknown ” and click on ” Validate Signature”.
  • Then after a new window will open ‘ signature status window ” and click on ‘ signature properties ‘
  • Now, just click on show certificate.
  • Do check it out there is a verified certification path as ” NIC sub-CA for NIC 2011, National Informatics Center ” this identifies the owner of the digital certificate issued by the government.
  • Now the next step is to mark the certificate, click on the trust tab and then add it to trust identities.
  • Now, answer OK to any question.
  • Check(✓) the field for ‘Use this certificate as a trusted root’ and click ‘OK’ twice to close this and the next window.
  • No, just click on the validate signature to execute the validation.

Note: While making the above changes, your system or laptop must be connected to the Internet.

Below we do attach a video format such that you will get an idea regarding this.

In case if you want to know any more information about the validity unknown certificate. Then do leave a comment here at the end of the post. We do help you out related to any query.

Check Your E Aadhar Card Status

Through our following guide, you can easily trace the aadhar card status. Just follow our guide, if you have any doubts do let us know or just leave a comment here.

You need to have an acknowledgment slip. Acknowledgment slip is must to find the EID and date, time of applicant register date.

Just to be sure, the acknowledgment slip contains both EID, date and time. Which is then used to track the aadhar card status online.

  • What is EID number?

EID number: EID number is a unique number which consists of 14 digits. This number is located on top of the acknowledgment slip, which is then used to track the application via online. Sorry to let you know that, if you don’t have that number you can’t enquriy the status online.

  • What are Date and Time?

Date and Time represent as on what particular date you were applied for the aadhar card. It’s a 14 digit unique number which consists of both time and date of the applicant registration.

  • The combination of Two Digits?

The combination of two digits – 28 unique digits will be then generated, which will be used as to know the eaadhar card status enquiry online. There you go step by step process:

  • Just visit the official link here: Link here

Then after entering the details as shown below as:

status of the application

  • Enter EID number followed by Date and Time Of the Applicant.
  • Security Code – Enter the captcha which is shown on the website.
  • Now, just click on check status.

Within a minutes, your application info will be then displayed on the screen. So, that you will get an idea on what date your e aadhaar is going to get delivered.

That’s it. Hope you will get understand it.

UIDAI Correction Online

If want to make any correction changes in aadhar card, then this guide is for you.

It’s common that most of the e aadhar card details were mismatched to our identity this is mostly happening either your were entered the details were wrong while enrolling or may be the UIDAI enroll team had done this mistake while proffering the application.

You will soon realize what mistake you were done while tracing the uidai status online or checking the application form.

UIDAI launches three different ways for this to make update changes as seamless as possible. In brief, we share three ways here:

Through SSUP portal:

Making an update revisions via offline is a kinda big problem for the enrollment administrators to maintain the data.

Realizing this the UIDAI – unique identification authority of India originated self portal where people can update their changes with a proper supporting document.

The process is quite simple, all you suppose to do: Visit the official link here.

With the help of the self service update portal, you can make the following changes to your UIDAI card.

  • Name change
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Mobile Number
  • Email Id

Note: Your mobile number is must be listed with the aadhar card to make the modifications through ssup update portal.

If haven’t enrolled your phone number, then, in that case, please do visit the imminent enrollment office to make this process which formerly helpful for you to get e aadhar card online.

If your mobile number is already enrolled, then just log into the portal.

Make sure to confirm the mobile number though one-time password.

  1. At first, an application will be opened, asking for the permission what changes that you would like to correct.
  2. For the date of birth change – Just enter the correct date of birth in the format of DDMMYYYY.
  3. Same as like for address change, and Name change.
  4. Upload the necessary certificates and submit the form online.
  5. Note down the URN number to track the status of the application.

URN number is mandatory to enquiry the status of the application form: URN represents as Update Request Number.

This is how you can make changes through online through aadhar self portal.

If you no idea how to proceed, then do leave a comment or contact us here. We do help you out related to any query.

By Sending the Post or Contacting the enrollment office:

There you another alternative option for you. This is what you suppose to do:

  • Just download the appeal form from here.
  • Fill that application form.
  • Make sure to attach the necessary documents to it.

Send it to the following address


Or contact the registration office and submit there by itself. After all that collect the receipt slip on which not down the URN number.

That’s how you suppose to make update changes via online or offline.

Hope you will get it.

Prices For The Various Changes On Aadhar Card

The following table will get you an idea about the various price changes in the e aadhar card.

Sr.NOServicesAssistance Which is Paid To Registrars Service Provider Fee - From the Resident
1Aadhar Creation50/--
2Bio-metric Update25/--
3Other Bio metric Update-25
4Demographic Update-25
5Search or Color Print A4 Sheet-20
6Search Using Ekyc / and printout-10
7Status Enquiry-Free

Track The Enrollment Office Details

If you were living in metro-politian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad. Finding the exact location of your enrollment office is kinda troublesome process.

The UIDAI E aadhaar card portal launches a new search option to search the enrollment office right from the portal itself.

Here we cover the tutorial on this for you. Do check it out:

  • Here is the official search portal link:

You have now three options to search either

  • Pincode
  • state search box – manual

Choose any one of the option from the list and submit the details.

With in a seconds the UIDAI e aadhar portal display most accurate results as per your search query.

Latest News About E Aadhar Card from Aadhar News Section:

Latest News On May 24th:

Age Proof Is Not Mandatory While Enrolling The New Aadhar – UIDAI Official

UIDAI official announced on May 24th 2017 – Age proof document is not mandatory for the aadhaar enrollment.

A senior UIDAI official had announced that most of the people in the country have no idea about their date of birth. Or most of the village people have no birth certificates.


In a recent ‘ goof-up ‘ found in aadhar card, near by allahabad where date of birth of every fifth person was printed Jan 1st.

  • The official had said that – People who don’t remember their date of birth will consider as a Jan 1st of a particular year which is shared by an applicant.

However, if you want to change the DOB, you must provide a valid document for the update changes – said by Senior Official.

Latest News on May 14th:

UIDAI Aadhaar Data is Completely Secure – UIDAI

As we know, that just a few weeks back a malware named as ‘ wanna-cry/ransomware ‘ is hit globally, where around 20% of Indian public and private sectors are attacked causing the data lost.

UIDAI official announced that – Their aadhar data is encrypted with a robust technology. Their systems are so very well designed and there is no concern about the security.

  • Currently, the UIDAI holds approximately 114 crore data, with over 6000+ servers located in bengaluru and manesar.

He also said that, central government had spent more than 7000 crores on Aadhaar.

Stay tuned for the latest E aadhar updates.

If you have any doubts related to the information that we shared about e aadhar card download. Just leave a comment here.

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