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Aadhar card update – it’s pretty common that most of the users will tend to do mistakes while applying for the aadhar card. This could be mostly happen, because may be they don’t have any idea on how fill the application form.

Or may be the technical team who are responsible to generate aadhar card won’t care much about the users application submissions while enrolling for new one.

Eventually, the people who hold aadhar card will again visit the service center realizing their details were on UID card were wrong and trying to filling up the online correction form.

Most of the people are start hesitating you – when you keep on asking how to update your aadhar card. So,we came up with complete step by step article for you on how to update your aadhar card.

Update Aadhar Card – Step By Step Guide

Basically, you have three options to choose to update aadhar card. We do cover the complete information below, so that you can opt for any option as per your convince.

Before we proceeding Further for any Aadhar Card Update Process, you Must need to know the list of Documents Required for your specific change in details like DOB, POI, Address(POA).


Option( 1) – Self Service Update Portal:

  • What is self service update portal?

A: In short, self service update portal is unique way where users can able to update aadhar card changes online without visiting the UIDAI office.

But, make sure that your mobile number must be registered with the UIDAI.

Note : If your mobile is not linked or registered with the UIDAI, then sorry to let you know that you can’t able to update any aadhar UID details online.

aadhar card update

Step By Step Process – Self Service Portal:

If your mobile number is already linked with the UIDAI, then you can make the following changes to your aadhar card online.

Your now eligible to make all the changes:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Email Id
  • Gender
  • DOB

Before that you need to visit the Official Link here : https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/web/guest/ssup-home

We would like to go with the each and every one and list of documents that you need to make aadhar card update online changes.

Name Update Changes :

For the correction of name updates – you need to follow the basic rules and conditions to follow before proceeding.

  • Enter the name in capital letters.
  • Enter surname also, make sure not to put as like – MR or MRs just before writing the name.
  • Please do refer the section, before submitting the application form.
  • Make sure not to repeat the same mistake again.

Here are the list of documents – You can submit either any one of the documents. Below are the documents that are subjected to verification, If you submit any fake documents or documents that are not matched with the aadhar update changes, then your application may be rejected.

Sr.NOProof Of Identity Documents
2Pan card
3NREGS Job Card
4Voter Id Card
5Ration Card
  • So, please make sure to upload the original documents – scanned copy ( Either color xerox  or black & White )

Once you done with updating process, submit now. After all that a URN number will be generated. With the help of the URN number you can track the status of the application.

Also, download the acknowledgment slip, in case if the status is showing as still pending then you can contact the UID office near by your location. So, that they may we check on behalf of you.

Address Change:

If you want to update aadhar the address online fill the application or trying to make any update changes in aadhar card. Then please do follow our guide here so that you can easily understand what to do and how to proceed.

  • After you log in to the self service portal – A new request application form will be opened.
  • As you only want to change the address on your UIDAI. Just visit over the address request blank space.
  • Now, fill the details with new address. No need to enter the old address in that form.
  • Try to fill the address section in capital letters only.
  • Now upload any one document as we shared over here. Only one document is more than enough. If it asks, multi documents – you can submit another one if you do have any.

Submit the application form and note down the Update Request Number. Your request number (URN) is mandatory one to track the status of the application.

That’s it. Here are the list of documents.

Sr.NOAddress Proof
1Bank Statement or Passbook
2Electricity Bill
4Ration Card

Note – Updating of your aadhar card online may be take some extra time, as the address is subjected to verification by the Aadhaar officers.

If the address that you were filled on the application form, and uploaded documents list are not matched. Then your application form will be rejected.

So, make sure that two of the details were perfectly matched for the process of update aadhar online.


Date of Birth – From deceleration to verification you have only one chance to up;date your date of birth.

  • As usual, just log into self service portal and head-over to DOB section.
  • Update your date of birth. It should be in format of DDMMYYYY.
  • Now, upload the necessary documents to it.
  • Submit the application form. Just note down the URN number to track the status of the application form online.

That’s it You have done – below are the list of the documents that are mandatory for DOB aadhar update online.

Sr.NODate Of Birth Documents
1Birth Certificate
2SSLC Certificate
3Pan Card
410th score card
5state pension payment slip

Mobile Number, Email Id, Gender:

Once you login to the portal – where at top right column you can access the option to change the profile details.

On that section just choose whatever the details that wish to change for.

  • Either Mobile Number Or Email Id Or Gender.

Once, done with updation – submit the form. As for this changes, you won’t receive any URN number to track the status of the application form.

That’s it.

This is how can update your aadhar card by your self with the help of the aadhar self service portal. Make sure that your mobile number must be registered with the UIDAI.

  • No need to worry much about that if your mobile number is not registered with UIDAI. As we do already have an another option for aadhar updation offline. There you go:

Mobile Number Not Linked With The Aadhar Card ? – Update Aadhar Card Offline

In order to make necessary aadhar card updates – you need to contact any nearest enrollment office. Below we cover the step by step information on how to contact the enrollment office and make changes in the UIDAI card offline.

Just before that you need to visit the official website link here – https://appointments.uidai.gov.in/easearch.aspx

After you have visited that website, now you have three options to search the enrollment office near by your location.

You can opt for any one option as per on the list:

  • Pincode
  • State
  • City or Town Name

We suggest you to go for pincode. Just enter the pincde right after in that search box and click on search.

With in a seconds nearest permanent aadhaar centers will then displayed on the screen. All you suppose to do now is contact the office.

The next step to make aadhar card update, just contact the UIDAI office. Thereby ask the help desk team about the aadhar card update changes application form.

  1. Now, just fill that application form, attach the necessary documents, if you have no idea what documents to be attached ask the helpdesk team will help you out.
  2. After attached the necessary documents – just submit the application form along the documents attached to it.
  3. Then after, they will handover the URN number and acknowledgment slip. Which will help you to track the status of the application.

This is how you could aadhar update changes nearby enrollment office. If you do have any doubts then just leave a comment here at the end of the post. We do help you out related to any query asap.

Another Alternative Option For Aadhar Update:

You do have another option to choose to make aadhar uidai changes offline. The process is quite simple, but we would suggest you to go for it if and only if :

  • Either your mobile number is not registered
  • Or
  • Or none of the service centers are available near by your location.

In this case, you can opt for this method.

  • Through Post Method – Sending the post to UIDAI

With the help of this service you can make all changes to your UIDAI card offline.

List of changes you can make with this service:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date Of Birth
  • Mobile Number
  • Email Id
  • Gender

The method is same as like which we explained above.

First of all you need to download the application form from here.

  • The after fill the application form both in local language and English, capital letters only.
  • For Name – Just enter the original name which is on the document.
  • For Address – No need to enter the old address, just enter the new address in that application form.
  • For DOB – Enter the date of birth in the format of DDMMYYYY.
  • For Mobile Number, Email Id, Gender – Just enter the the correct details in that list.

Now, please do refer the application form before submitting.

Step – 2

At step -2 make sure to attach the necessary documents to that application form.

Step – 3

Buy an Envelop.

On top of that Envelop – Write as ” Aaadhar Card Correction/Updation

And send it to the following address:

You have two options to send the post. Choose either any one of them:

  • Post Box Number 99
  • Banjara Hills
  • Hyderabad – 500034
  • India

Once you send the post, you will receive the message after confirmation. You can receive the necessary update changes to your mobile number.

Most frequent asked questions:

Q. After I make aadhar update changes? On how many days do I receive the new UIDAI?

A: It completely depends on what update you are done. For example if you make NAME update- it won’t take less than 2 weeks, for address change – may be it will take more than 3 weeks. So, we can’t predict exactly.

Q. How can I Track the URN status online?

A: UIDAI officially released a new portal – to track the status of the update request number. You can check out our guide here.

Q. Is there any way to update mobile number online?

A: Yup! There is a way for mobile number change request through online – Here is the official link for you – Hope it will helps.

Q.When I track the URN number? It’s showing as Invalid URN Number? Why it happens?

A: Updation of URN number on their portal will take some time. Please do visit the portal after some time.

Q. Can’t we update our aadhar card through online with out mobile number?

A: Sorry to let you know. You can’t update through online without mobile number linked with aadhar.

Have you any doubts related to aadhar card update? Then leave a comment here. We do help you out related to any query asap.

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