Aadhar Card Software – Download & Details

Aaadhar card software – Here we cover the complete information about aadhar card software.

Aadhaar card is the Unique Identification provided to all the Civil residents in India by the Central Government. This Aaadhaar acts as the Proof of Identity, Address, and Date of Birth Document.

This Aadhaar is enough for every citizen and can be used in applying for jobs, the opening of new bank accounts, in getting other government-issued documents like PAN Card, Ration Card, Voter ID card, Driving License, Residence Certificate etc.

This Aaadhaar card software or Aaadhaar USL Software is generally used by the Service providers, Aaadhaar enrollment operators etc. They use this software to provides all the Aadhaar services to the citizens. This Aaadhaar software permits the Operators to access all the Services provided by the UIDAI.

aadhar card software

In this article, you will know about the services that can be accessed through this Aadhaar Card Software, Requirments to use Aadhaar USL Software and the Installation Procedure of the Aadhaar card software in your PCs.

Features of Aadhaar USL Software

All the services provided by UIDAI through its website and also so many more other services are accessed through this Aaadhaar USL Software. Only VLEs, Service Providers or Aadhaar enrollment Operators are permitted to use this software. This software is available online in some websites for paid purchase. All the features of the Aadhaar USL software are listed in below.

  • You can Enroll in a new Aaadhaar if you don’t have one.
  • You can Download the Aadhaar card.
  • You can take the Printout of an Aadhaar card.
  • You can update your details like Address, Name, Phone number etc in your Aadhaar.
  • You can modify your details in your Aadhaar.
  • Update/Enroll your Demographic details.
  • Update/Enroll your Photographic & fingerprint details.

For the operators who are using this software will even have the access to all the Name Dictionary data, Master data, Register Data so that the operator can enrol so many citizens for these Aadhaar card scheme. If anyone who is using this software without any approval from the Government will be a punishable offence.

Requirements to get Aadhaar USL Software

It is not an easy procedure to get an Aadhaar USL Software. Because to do anything regarding the software either to use it or not the specific individual needs the access and the permission from the Government. All the requirements needed for one to get the Aadhaar USL software are listed in below. Read all of those requirements carefully.

  • UIDAI NSEIT Supervisor/Operator certificate
  • Laptop with Genuine Windows 7 Professional 32-Bit sp1 & USB hub
  • Minimum 2Ghz
  • Core i3 Processor
  • 3GB RAM
  • 360 GB HDD, Single Fingerprint Authentication Device(like Morpho)
  • Digital Camera (Logitec C310 or 525)
  • Color Laser Printer
  • Internet connectivity
  • Scanner
  • Printed Correction Forms

These are the minimum requirements one should have to have this software installed on his PC or Laptop. Only the candidates who hold the Supervisor/ Operator Certificate obtained from UIDAI NSEIT can have this Software installed on their devices.

How to Install Aadhaar Software?

The following is the step-to-step guide for you to know How to Install the Aadhaar USL software in your devices. Before going into the installation procedure make sure that you meet up all the requirements which are mentioned above in this article. If yes, then we will continue to the Procedure of Installation.

  • Run the “Setup.exe” file in the folder.
  • Create an admin account with you Operator or Supervisor ID, the password should be 123 mostly.
  • Then Login to ECA with login credentials and then click on the Database Management option.
  • Import all the Files like Master Data, Register Data & Name Dictionary Data in the Zipped format.
  • Login to District Manager to ECA with Client Identity.
  • Enter all the required details such as Register Name, EA name, Station ID, Client Location etc.
  • Ensure the details entered are correct and the PIN Code entered in Location column is right.
  • Import the Registrar Certificate and click on the “Download” option and import the certificate.
  • Then proceed to the Enrollment Client Registration by entering your Login credentials.

After all this procedure is done,  proceed further to install your fingerprint device by installing its setup and drivers required for the Software to run. Also, install all of the USB drivers and softwares like Morpho 1300E, Cogent, Mantra etc and all the required full setup.

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