Aadhar Card Print – Online Using UID Number

Aadhar card print online – how to print aadhar card online. This is quite easy all you suppose to do is to download aadhaar card via online go ahead to printing option. Here we will share step by step information about the process of printing the UIDAI online.

The UIDAI launched a new e aadhar card platform where users can able to download UID online further by take the print aadhar card either on pvc or plastic type to be used by it for life time.

However, the UID never announced on their official website or through publication that you need to get the printed  version on PVC type or any plastic aadhar card.

So, it’s okay to get your UIDAI Id printed on just normal paper and it’s complete valid for life time. Until and unless you lost the card. Even though with the help of the self service update portal you can get it back.

Print Your Aadhar Card – Detailed Guide

First of all you need to visit the official website here : https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/  In order to take aadhar card print out.

The above link refers to the official website where every aadhaar users whose their mobile number linked up with the UIDAI can access the platform in order to download and print aadhar card.

All you have to do is just follow the steps here:

  • After visiting the official link above : You need to enter the details as shown on the screen.
  • You have two options to choose: One is through EID number and another one is through UIDAI number.

If you were just enrolled the new Unique Identification Number. Then in this case you need to choose the EID option. If you already have an aadhaar, then choose the UID option. It’s all up to you.

If you choose the EID option. Then you need to enter the Enrollment Number. The Enrollment number is mandatory one which is present on acknowledgment number.

The acknowledgment slip will handover to you on the date of new aadhaar registration online – know more about how to find UID number

Step – 1

Enter the rest of the details as like:

  • Full Name
  • Pincode
  • Captcha
  • Mobile Number

Make sure your mobile number must be registered with the UIDAI in order to aadhar card print out. In case if it is not registered then you need to contact the nearest enrollment office for that. Below we do share the guide for that process.

Now, once you were entered the details now just click on Get One Time Password. Above is the refereeing image for you just to show you how the OTP will receive and enter on the screen.

aadhar card print

Once you were enter the OTP, then click on validate and download. Once you were submit the details, then aadhar card in the form of PDF will automatically download on your system

  • Done with the download? Now, the next step is to open the PDF document.

You need to open the document for the process of aadhar card print out, As for security reasons, your downloaded e aadhaar card will be then protected by the password.

Most of the people have no idea how to open the downloaded PDF document as they were not read the guidelines which were shared by the UIDAI.

The password is your pin code – yes you heard it right.

The security code is your current location on where your UID card is enrolled. All you just need to enter the Pin code of your location. That’s it to proceed the aadhaar card print out section.

Automatically aadhaar card will be then opened. For digital signature here we cover all the information related to this here : Do check it out. If you have any doubts then do leave a comment here at the end of the post.

Different Types Of Aadhar Print Out Options

  • At step – 2 you need to aadhar card print out.

Basically, most of the people will prefer to go for three different types for aadhar card print as we do mentioned here.

  • On Paper
  • On PVC Type
  • Plastic Card
  • Lamination for the paper aadhaar card.

On Paper:

This is the most common suitable type of aadhaar which is widely used by most of the people in India.

Even at first time the government of India delivered this type of aadhar card print out only.

It is perfectly valid for life time and can use as original identity purpose in case if you lost the original ID. You can go for this.

PVC Aadhar Card:

PVC aadhar card is not mandatory one. But, you can go for this. PVC type. It is waterproof and hard to tear it. Most of the people will choose for this type. You can go for this.

Plastic Card:

Plastic Id is more likely to be as PVC prototype. It is widely used by so many UIDAI users and considered to be as one of the best in quality.


If you don’t want to go for either plastic of pvc and choose for aadhar print out on paper.

Then you can do the lamination for it to be more secure and hard to tear it.

That’s the 4 most simplest ways to do so for aadhar card print out.

Most Frequent Asked Questions About Print Aadhaar Card

There you go list of most frequent asked questions about aadhaar card print.

Q. As per your suggestion should I go for PVC aadhar type or normal paper type?

A: This is the most frequent asked question, as per UIDAI instructions it’s completely valid to go for paper. Even though we also suggest you to go for print out aadhaar card on paper only after all that just got for lamination.

Q. I would like to go for PVC aadhaar card, where should I get it, and what is the price amount for it?

A: If you want to go for pvc type, then you need to approach near by any enrollment office. The charge to print your UIDAI is 30/- only.

Q. Is that printed UID type can accept as an Original Identity?

A: Yeah! Of course. You can use it any where as an Identity purpose. Make sure always carry with you.

Q. I just downloaded the E aadhar card here – But I was unable to open the pdf document? As it is asking the password.

A: All E aadhaar cards are encrypted the passwords. For security reasons this was implemented, The password is your PIN code.

Q. I want to make aadhaar card correction changes online? How I proceed to do it?

A: In order to make any necessary updates, the UIDAI launched a aadhaar self service update portal where users can able to make aadhar card correction changes online via SSUP. With the help of the ssup portal you can search ssup status and other information as well.

Find Enrollment Office To Register Your Mobile Number

If your mobile number is not registered with UIDAI then you may not make any online correction changes. In order to avoid this kinda problems you need to register your mobile number.

As this most of the people have no idea about this: We cover the complete guide related to this information about the linking of mobile number to aadhar card online.

  • First of all – Please do visit the official link here

It’s a search portal where users can search nearest enrollment office to their location. Once you visited the above link all you supposed to do is to enter the details which were shown on the screen as follows:

Just enter the details as like:

  • State Name
  • District
  • Sub district
  • Village Town City

Then after, choose the permanent centers. You will get a list of permanent list of aadhar card centers.

All you suppose to do is to contact the enrollment office and submit the necessary documents for the registration of mobile number.

Once your phone number is registered then you can make all the correction changes via online portal, like uidai update, status enquiry phone number, etc.

If you want to make update changes in your mobile number and email Id then check out the below guide here.

Just visit the official link here: https://authportal.uidai.gov.in/update-mobile-number, then after enter the old details first.

  • Email Id
  • Mobile Number

Once those details were confirmed. You will access the UID update change portal, where you can change the mobile number and Email Id.

Further by you can proceed with the aadhar print out.

Latest News About UIDAI:
  • Aadhar card is now compulsory to opening bank accounts and transactions above 50,000/-

Government of Indai has made UIDAI mandatory for opening of bank accounts, and also it’s mandatory to submit the UID details to make more than 50,000 INR transactions online.

In an press meet – They were stated this also stated that – People who have an bank accounts, but not linked with the UID, should submit the details asap.

If the Unique Identification Number not disclose by the end of the December 31, there may be a chance that your account may get suspended until you submit the details.

As Income tax department also stated that, people should submit the Unique Identification Number for the enrollment of pan card. Making aadhar is must for income tax returns.

This effect will be implemented on June 1st. In a simple words if you don’t have an aadhaar card, you have no right to open the bank account.

However, if you were just enrolled for the unique identification number. Then, you need to submit the enrollment Id and acknowledgment slip as a proof of Identity.

You have six months of time to submit the UID number. In case of failure your account will be suspended.

You can follow the more information here at times of India here.

Aadhaar – Pan Card Linking:

On June 9th the supreme court, released statement that linking pan number with aadhaar number is mandatory. All users who hold the pan card are must link with UID through income tax filling website.

Failing to do before July 1st 2017, pan cards are suspended, however, people who don’t have pan number can file their income tax returns and their should no action to those.

This can be done in a single click: As we shared the guide here so that you will get an idea about this:

All you suppose to do is to visit the official website Income tax filling website here:


Then after enter the details as shown on the screen as:

  • Pan Number
  • Aadhaar Number
  • Name On Aadhaar
  • Security Verification either through captcha or OTP.
  • Click on link aadhaar.

Done – Your aadhaar number is now successfully linked with the pan number.

If you have any doubts about the process of linking – then do leave a comment here.

If linking through online is kinda problem for you – Then you can take aadhar card print out and pan card ans submit those two near by any income tax office.

Want to know more information about aadhar print out? Then just leave a comment here at the end of the post our team will help you out.

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