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Aadhar card photo change online, is there any way to change the photo online. The following guide will let you know the step by step guide. Changing the aadhar card photo is not an easy process unless and until the reason that you need to submit should be valid.

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Step By Step Process To Change Aadhar Card Photo Online

There are three ways to change the aadhar card photo online. Through online, through offline, by sending the post. But, as per our research there is no way for aadhar card photo change online.

  • Why Changing of Aadhar card identity Photo through Online is Not Possible?

As per UIDAI – Unique identification government. A person either female or male changing the aadhar card photo via online is won’t possible.

Because, it’s not just photo, while applying for new aadhar card they do scan your eyes too. For this reason your details will be saved only once. There is no need to to change the aadhar card photo again.

Changing aadhar card photo through online is won’t possible. We agree that UIDAI photo looks damn worst. But, we can’t do anything unless until you meet the following requirements.

May be the following reason are applicable to change your photo through offline:

  • If you met with an accident.
  • May be you loose your weight, and it won’t look as it as before.
  • Another reasons.

Note : As per UIDAI changing the photo either online or offline is won’t applicable at all. Unless and until you meet the above requirements, in most of the cases those reasons are also not applicable.

Note :

Don’t claim the following reason to change your photo either through online or offline.

  • My photo doesn’t look good
  • My photo is old one.
  • My Photo is not viewing proper.

The reasons are not applicable at all. It’s not just your photo it’s your eyes, that track the details as every one eyes details are unique.

If you still want to change your photo then here is the step by step guide for you

This is just to let you know, the changing of photo is not done through online. You must need to visit the official aadhar service center. Here we do cover how to find aadhar service centers near by your location online here.

  • How to find the aadhar card service centers?

Here is the step by step guide to find the aadhar card service centers.

UIDAI officially launched a new portal website – Where users can able to search the nearest aadhar service centers. Here is the step by step guide for you so that you will understand it easily.

aadhar card photo change

At first, you need to visit the official website link here – Link here as follows.

Then after you have three options to check service centers online. As follows:

  • Through Pincode
  • Through District Name
  • Through City / Village Name

At the end tick the permanent service center option to choose the location based services.

The UIDAI search portal, will then display the list of official recognized service centers, where you can contact them through the following documents.

The list of documents that you have to submit is as follows:

  • Bank Passbook
  • Old Photography
  • New photography
  • Any Identity card
  • Voter Identity card
  • Ration card if you do have.

At step – 2,

At step – 2, you need to download the correction changes application form. May be on this form you have no where found to change the photo. But, as per UIDAI this is the only correction change application form has been available as of now.

On top of the application form – Write as ” aadhar card photo change ” and submit the application form to nearby service centers along with that attach at-least  one document that we shared above.

  • The rest of the process will be handover by UIDAI service centers.
  • As far as we know the process might be as follows:
  • At first, they need to recheck your identity and rescan your eyes.
  • Upon confirmation, you need to submit the application form.
  • And, at least one document that has the photo init has.
  • Submit the application form

For this you won’t receive any Update Request Number. As update request number will be only applicable for aadhar card correction changes online. URN number it would be.

That’s it your details will be then updated, and a new aadhar card will be dispatched with a new photo on it. That’s the complete step by step process. If you do have any doubts then do leave a comment here at the end of the post. About aadhar card photo change online.

Here is the complete step by step process of aadhar card correction online. If you want to change the details along with the photo.

Then here is the guide for you. If you want more information related to this or if you have any doubts then do leave a comment here. We do reply to your doubts asap.

With the help of the self update portal – You have to access the following changes to your aadhar card through online. However, you can’t change the photo in UID through online. The only option is to contact the nearest office as we explained above. 

  • These are the changes that you will have access to change through online:
  • Name Change
  • Date Of Birth
  • Address
  • Gender
  • Profile Details

The process of updating and changing the aadhar card details can be done either online or offline. But, if you wish to change the details through online .

Your aadhar card must be linked with mobile number. There by you can make whatever changes.

For Name Correction:

If you want to make name change through online. You have to follow the basic rules that we shared right over here. The process is quite simple and all you have to do is:

  • Just login to self portal website.
  • Enter the details and verify the information through OTP.
  • Once the details were verified. You will have to access the portal.
  • There by, just enter the new name on that application. Make sure not to enter the Mr or Mrs just before the name.
  • Submit the application.
  • At the end attach the required documents.
  • Note the URN number to track the status of the URN online.
  • That’s it

For Date Of Birth:

For Address:

  • For address : Make sure to follow the below rules:
  • Your update UID will be dispatched to new address, so make sure to submit the right address.
  • Your address may be subjected to verification by the UIDAI.
  • Submit the application and at the end not down the urn number to track the status of the application.
  • That’s it.

UIDAI has never announced either on there official site or through press release, that aadhar card photo change can be done through online. This information might be helpful for you.

If you need to know any more information about the aadhar card photo change. Then do let us know.

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