Aadhar Card Correction – Name, Address, Phone, DOB

Aadhar Card Correction online – with the help of the following guide you will get to know how to correct the aadhaar card details online.

  • Most of them have no idea how to correct the aadhaar card correction details online.
  • Basically, you have three options for the aadhaar correction.

One is through online – phone number is required for this, another method is through offline – you have to send the post to the following address, and the last one is to contact the PAC – Permanent aadhar service center. In order to make necessary UIDAI aadhar correction changes.

Aadhaar Correction – Online

If you would like to make aadhar card correction changes in your aadhaar card through online.

Then this guide is for you – Each and every point is important to you while making aadhaar card correction, so don’t skip our guide.

Before we proceeding Further, you Must need to know the list of Documents Required for your specific change in details like DOB, POI, Address(POA).



The UIDAI correction,  launched a new portal – SSUP aka aadhaar self service update portal.

The aadhaar self service update portal, which was launched on 2011, for the UIDAI correction users to make any Aadhar correction request changes to their UID Card.

We do cover the in-depth article on this – learn more about SSUP update online.

With the help of the SSUP you can make all Aadhar card correction changes:

You can make the following changes to your aadhar card UID Corrections online:

  • Name
  • Date Of Birth
  • Address
  • Email Id
  • Gender
  • phone Number

We would like to go for each one independently:

For The Aadhaar Correction Changes in ” Name “

It’s pretty common that, while filling the new UIDAI application most of the people will do a mistake. And, the end result is the wrong name.

Having a wrong name on adhaar card is one of the most frustrating things, where users can’t able to open any bank account, no more ration card, other problems will commonly involve with the aadhaar card.

  • The first step that you need to follow is to visit the official Link here: Official Link

Then after, just enter the Aadhar card UIDAI number, and click on get OTP.

The OTP represents as One Time Password.

It’s a mandatory step for the security purpose. You just can’t login to the portal.

Note: Your phone number must be registered with your aadhaar card to make UIDAI correction changes through online.

If your phone number is not registered with the UIDAI portal, then check out another alternative method for that.

  1. Now, an application will be displayed on the SSUP portal screen, just fill out the application form – If it’s for a Name change, just enter the new name in that blank space.

2.  Also, make sure that don’t enter the old name anywhere.

3. Upload the necessary documents to it – for Name aadhar card correction you need to attach at least one proof of Identity Document.

4. Check out the list of Proof of Identity Documents here:

POI Documents here

Sr.NOProof Of Identity Documents
2Pan card
3NREGS Job Card
4Voter Id Card
5Ration Card

5. Now, submit the application. After you submitted the application, just note down the URN number – in brief,

URN represents as Update Request Number. The update request Number is a mandatory one to track the aadhaar card status enquiry online.

Hope you will understand how to make Aadhar card correction online via aadhaar self service portal.

For the UIDAI Aadhaar card Correction in Date Of Birth

The Aadhaar correction procedure is same as to everyone and also the same method which has been described above.

For The date of birth aadhar Correction:

The complete step by step guide – For the date of birth correction.

  1. For the date of birth Adhar card correction, you have to fill the application form as in the format of:
  • DDMMYYYY Format is mandatory.

2. As usual, fill the application form, and also don’t enter the old date of birth in that application form.

3. Now, the last step is to upload the documents – Below are the complete list of the date of birth documents.

4. Same as like above – Just Note down the URN number to track the urn status online.

Here are the list of DOB documents – As per UIDAI suggestion, do upload the color scanned documents.

Sr.NODate Of Birth Documents
1Birth Certificate
2SSLC Certificate
3Pan Card
410th score card
5state pension payment slip

Address Change Through Online

For the process of Aadhaar address change, all you supposed to do is enter the new address – here are complete steps for you:

Just enter the new address, in that form. Please don’t mention the old address anywhere.

  1. Your new aadhaar card will be delivered to the update aadhaar address.

2. Your address must be subjected to verification by the officials. So, make sure to upload the right documents as shown in the table below.

3. We are not sure, but the new UIDAI card will be delivered to either to your address or respective local enrollment office.

4. It will take no longer than 3 weeks. For the confirmation on up to date, we are requested you to track the aadhar card status of the application online through URN number.

5. The URN number is mandatory – do note it down for future reference.

Here are the list of POA – Proof Of Address Documents

Sr.NOAddress Proof
1Bank Statement or Passbook
2Electricity Bill
4Ration Card

Change In phone Number/Email Id/Gender

For the phone or Email Id or Gender UID aadhar card correction, you were allowed to correct it any supporting documents.

  • Just visit the ” Profile Update option ” then submit the details right over there. That’s it. You were done.

For the phone, Email Id, Gender, you not received any URN number for future reference.

Points To Kept In Mind – While Making Aadhaar Correction Online

  • Your phone number must be registered with UID card
  • In case if you won’t receive the OTP, do wait and try once again.
  • Fill the application form in capital Letters.
  • Recheck the form, before submitting.
  • Upload the color xerox documents for faster check out.
  • At last note down the URN number – which helps you track the status of the application.
  • If you have any doubts related to this – Then just drop a comment here.

The above method is through online who are likely to make UIDAI corrections in their aadhaar card. If like to send the post instead of filling the application form. No need to worry much about that.

Here we go another method

Send Your UID Corrected Application Through Post

For the aadhar card users, the UIDAI also launched a new alternative method.

This new method allows you to send the post instead of correcting the details via online.

You can make all the changes as like:

  • Name
  • Date Of Birth
  • Address
  • phone Number
  • Email Id
  • Gender

Just before that, you need to download the application form: Here is the link for you to download the application form.

  1. Just fill the application form, don’t make any mistake.

2. Make sure to enter the details both in local language and English.

3. Fill the form, in capital letters.

4. Also, attach the proof of identity documents.

5. As we said earlier, do prefer the color scanned documents.

Once you were done, the next step is to buy an envelope to send the post.

On top of the envelope write it as “UIDAI Aadhar Card Correction Changes “.

That’s it. Send the application form to the following address.

Here is the address:

  • UID
  • Post Box Number 99
  • Banjara Hills
  • Hyderabad – 500034
  • India

Just send your application to the above address. However, you won’t receive the URN number for that. But, you will receive message notifications about the status update of the aadhar card. Further, by you can download aadhar card online.

Another Alternative Method – Aadhar Correction

Another Method:

For the above two methods, your phone number must be registered with UIDAI aadhaar card. What do you suppose to do if your phone number is not registered with UID card?

Then no need to worry much about that you do have an another option where you can actually make.

There you go:

You need to visit the enrollment office first – The enrollment office is where you registered your aadhaar card.

If you have no idea where the permanent aadhar centers are located.

Then no need to worry, because the UIDAI launches a new search portal where you can search the enrollment office nearby your location online.

  • It’s quite simple, all you need to do is to visit the official Link here

Then after entering the details as shown on the web page, like State, district, city name. And, then click on search. The portal will display all the details.

Now, you can contact the office and submit the aadhar correction application form.

The help desk support team will then hand over the acknowledgment slip.

Where the URN number is present on that application form. Just track down that number for future reference to track the

Where the URN number is present on that application form. Just track down that number for future reference to track the aadhar status online.

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