Aadhar Card Address Change – Online, Offline

Aadhar card address change online though online self service update portal online. Here we cover step by step guide information on how to change aadhaar address change.

Aadhar card is the ultimate identity proof currently in the country of India. It is almost mandatory to own one, obviously, without the Supreme Court ruling, that is. There has been no law passed as of yet, thankfully.

The Aadhaar cards and its handling and management is taken care of by the Unique Identification Authority of India. In short, it is regarded as UIDAI.

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Changing of aadhar card address is quite easy process. Here you ave two options to update through online and offline.

aadhar card address change online

Aadhaar is a 12-digit numeric string that is allotted specifically to Indian citizens who can use it as:

  • Proof of Identity.
  • Proof of Address.
  • Proof of Birth.
  • Proof of Relationship.

An Aadhaar card is currently the most trusted personal identity certificate, by the government, to carry out all of the authentication measures successfully.

Aadhar Card Address Change

An address is one of the most important credentials for any particular individual. It literally defines their place in the society. The mention of address is almost mandatory for any type of involvement, be it government or private.

It is considered the best form to have a contact with that particular person.

The role of email ids and mobile number is completely secondary to that of an address. Here, we see that address plays a crucial role in Aadhar details.

There are two modes of Address change:

  • Online mode
  • Offline mode

We will learn now systematically about the process of aadhaar card address change online/offline.

Aadhaar Card Address Change Online Mode

The Address Change method is the only thing possible online currently. Since January 2018, the ability to change other details online has been stopped forever. It is believed that the servers are now open for the Enrolment Centres only.

It is impossible for Address Change if you don’t have a Registered Mobile Number.

In order to visit the web portal to change your Address, you need to visit the official website of UIDAI.

The section would look like this:

Aadhar card address change online

Click on the first link which says Address Update Request (Online). On clicking it, you will be redirected to another webpage.

It is the Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal or SSUP. It is the webpage where you can edit your credentials online itself.

A bunch of instructions are given right below the header. Do read all of the instructions carefully. After you are done, click on the Proceed button at the bottom. You will be redirected to another webpage.

procedure to update aadhar card address change online

As you can see, you need to fill out a few details such as:

  • Aadhaar Number / Virtual ID
  • 4 digit Text Verification Code

Once you have entered these two, click on the Send OTP option. You will receive a 6 digit verification code or One Time Password (OTP) on your Registered Mobile Number

VID is known as Virtual ID. It can be used as an alternate for your Aadhar number. In case if you don’t want to share your Aadhar number to any organisation or institution, you can share this 16 digit number which will display your data for them.

By using the Virtual ID, the particular organisation can get hold of the information that is necessary for them to complete their respective process, without jeopardising your privacy.

There are two types of authentication codes:

  • OTP
  • TOTP

As you all know OTP or One Time Password, it is a 6 digit number that is sent to your Registered Mobile Number. It is valid for 30 minutes only.

On the other hand, TOTP or Time-based One Time Password is also a 6 digit number that keeps on generating every 30 seconds.

The only way to know about TOTP is to download the mAadhaar app of iOS or Android phones. Use your Aadhar details to log in and then you can see it easily.

Enter the codes and proceed ahead. Here you will come up with another section where you need to check on one option:

  • Address Change (with pin code)
  • Address Change (without pin code)

Depending on your requirement choose the option that is suitable for you. After you are done, you will have to enter the Address details correctly now.

Upload a Proof of Address (PoA) document: as a proof for the change in address that you are carrying out. Make sure that the document’s address and the one that you entered are exactly the same otherwise it will get rejected.

Note down the Acknowledgement Number: after finishing the submit for future use. The number generated can be used to check on the status of the Aadhar update. Usually, it takes 15 days at maximum to get updated to the servers.

Aadhar Card Address Change Offline Mode

This is relatively the easiest method and the only method for people who don’t know how to use the Aadhar online services. You can visit the nearest Enrolment Center to get your Address change process.

The website to find the nearest Enrolment Center for you is as follows: https://appointments.uidai.gov.in/centersearch.aspx

The website would look like this:

Aadhar card address change offline

Here, you can search for the nearest Enrolment Center by using the three given methods:

  • State
  • Pin Code
  • Search Box

Search for the Enrollment Center accordingly and enter the verification code before clicking on Search. Note down the address and visit the Enrollment Center.

Approach the enquiry desk and fill out the form for Address Change in your Aadhar details. The officials will use either of these three methods to confirm your identity:

  • OTP
  • Fingerprint
  • Iris

After doing the same, submit the necessary proof documents for the address change that you want. The website to see what all documents can be used as Proof of Address (PoA).

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